My Support for Gorkhaland State

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gorkha.”

– Indian Army Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw ( 1914-2008 )

Gorkhaland Demand

The demand for Gorkhaland State is not a recent event but has existed since 1907; two mass movements for Gorkhaland largely ignored by the “mainstream” print and television media have taken place under the Gorkha National Liberation Front (1986–1988) and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (2007–present).

There was no “West Bengal” in 1907 & it remains a matter of surprise that how did a region that was part of Chogyal Kingdom of Sikkim, later conquered and lost by Gorkhas of Nepal, handed over to British Imperialists end up of all places with Bengal???

Like Bodoland, my support is also for Gorkhaland State, again I don’t care what others think, as they feel Gorkhaland is too far from the cozy comfort of their “homes” & not our problem to be concerned about.

To begin with and being blunt the region now known as Gorkhaland was never a part of any Bengali land!

Gorkhaland Map

The Bengalis are being very naive when they raise hue & cry calling Gorkhaland’s creation as “Partition of Bengal”!

Oh for God’s sake this is laughable as what were the Bengali “Bhadralok” doing in 1947 during the communal partition of India  when Hindu majority Khulna ended up with East Pakistan & Muslim majority Murshidabad that celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day in August 14 1947 end up with West Bengal!

Also Bengal got territory after the Kingdom of Cooch Behar was dissolved & merged with West Bengal in 1950 which was another impulsive move by the then Government of India as the Kingdom of Cooch Behar could have become the present day Kamtapur State!

Like Bodoland, successive Governments of India are ignoring Gorkhaland which is not right, it seems irrespective of which party or coalition rules from New Delhi they all seem to avoid confrontation with All India Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee whose party currently rules West Bengal.

Mamata Didi  thunders now and then from Nabanna and earlier Alimuddin Street warning the Central Government to stay away from the “Hills of Bengal” and Gorkhaland agitators to stop the protest come what may, as if anybody cares or gives two hoots to what she think!

Gorkhaland Protest II

The Bengali arrogance over Gorkhaland is likely to complicate matters in the coming days, as little or no effort has been made either by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Front government that ruled West Bengal for 34 years or the present All India Trinamool Congress  to understand the reasons behind the demand for Gorkhaland.

Chief Ministers of West Bengal irrespective of which party or ideology they hail from have long been rejected as leaders in Gorkhaland!

There are also rumors being spread by Anti Gorkhaland Bengali groups that claim Gorkhaland if created may join Nepal which is absurd, to this my counter point is that Sikkim is a good example of a Nepali majority state that is doing quite well on its own and is not even talking about any “merger” with Nepal.

Also the Government of India does not have to look,react or behave very cautious when it deals with the Gorkhaland demand and must never forget the sacrifices of Gorkha Regiment in defending India’s honor against foreign aggression, doubting the Gorkhas will make India nail its own head!

Gorkha Janmukti Morcha

My suggestion ( If I may suggest ) is that if the Government of India is confused about Gorkhaland then they can initially merge the areas with Nepali Majority Sikkim, and check the outcome!

Time is running out for both the Bengals, its a different matter that no one likes to or wants to talk about the way lawlessness and anarchy is spreading in the two Bengals one headed by Shaikh Hasina and other by Mamata Banerjee, it is very important that India’s Eastern border with Bangladesh is secured and defended most important is to defend the Siliguri corridor ie “Chicken Neck” area of India, If the area falls under those hostile to India, once captured Silguri Corridor, the rest of North East India will be cut from the Indian land.

In such a situation the Gorkhas would be the best to defend and push Bangladeshi Miyas who now have a free run due to Bengali Dalals who for some commission allow Bangladeshis to enter and exit as if it’s their own backyard with no accountability to the Nations security concerns! Security agencies must take note of the importance of “Chicken’s neck” in defending India’s eastern border!

When will Gorkhaland be established?, I don’t know, Will it happen in our lifetime?, I dont know but I know for sure that more Government after Government in New Delhi delays the more complicated it will get.  A time might come when negotiation table policy won’t work!

Gorkhaland Women

The Congress party’s unique secular “vote bank politics” ironically favor’s a certain community that resort’s to violent ways if their demands are not met makes them shy away from Gorkhaland as in Bodoland they know that their incompetent administration based on “commission dalal’s”, two timers, mafia middlemen and racketeers will gradually be pushed off like it’s happened in Sikkim so they are shy to discuss the state hood demand!

They know they won’t be voted back to power in the state even if they helped in creating it, most likely in a strange turn of tragic events they lose in both, the state they partition ( Andhra Pradesh ) and the new state they create ( Telangana ).

The BJP on the other hand claims it stands with all those who are neglected by the ‘torch bearers’ of secularism and that fielded its experienced blue-chip leaders like Surendrajeet Singh Ahluwalia and Jaswant Singh from Darjeeling must come up with more competitive assurances than empty slogans & mixed signals and like Telangana the BJP needs to be outright honest with the people of Darjeeling whether they will establish or at least assist in establishing Gorkhaland now that they have been voted into power by the people!

All talk and no action will not work for the BJP in Gorkhaland, patience is wearing thin, and the BJP must act and at least initiate the groundwork for the establishment of Gorkhaland State. It will help in a big way and provide much-needed comfort to the agitating and restless people of Darjeeling ( and me ) who are very anxious to see Gorkhaland established!

My support for Gorkhaland will always be there for my Gorkha brethren in the same way as I support my Bodo brethren for Bodoland.

Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Gorkhali (Hail, Goddess Kali, The Gorkhas are here)

Gorkhaland Protest

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2 thoughts on “My Support for Gorkhaland State

  1. Hi Sandeep,

    Thank you so much for taking the time out, reading the article and your views on Gorkhaland State.

    Ironically in India, no one seems to be politically correct or “an expert” in politics except the mainstream print and television media, corporate honchos and politicians, so I can understand where you are coming from! You have highlighted interesting points, much appreciated!

    The demand for Kamtapur State is in clash with Bodoland and overlaps its territory, so its creation spreading across Bengal and Assam as demanded by the Kamtapur activists seem highly unlikely, the only ray of hope in this case would be the “Cooch Behar” region of West Bengal becoming the Kamtapur State but that would be very complicated, as the area is now Bengali majority!

    The communal partition of Bengal Province in 1947 brought in millions of refugees (The ‘Sarbaharas’) from East Pakistan who then settled across the sparsely populated areas that comprised North Bengal region.

    I think I need more time to understand Kamtapur, however its creation will not be possible unless Bodoland and Gorkhaland are created first!

    I’ve been “lectured” by Bengals over Tibet, Tawang, The China-India War of 1962,Arunachal Pradesh, North East India, Buddhism and other issues so the less said better! Also the “feedback” (read abuse) that they awarded to me after I wrote on the Malda Riots 2016, was unparalleled!

    The All India Trinamool Congress and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) much as I would want to disagree are actually the same in West Bengal,its like old wine in a new bottle when it comes to riots, thuggery, violence both are outstanding in their own style and ways!

    I know it sounds ridiculous about the Anti-Gorkhaland propaganda about Gorkhaland “joining” Nepal after creation and that’s the reason I have suggested – if the Government of India is confused about Gorkhaland then they can initially merge the areas with Nepali Majority Sikkim, and check the outcome!

    Majority of Indians I have interacted with, have no issues with the creation of Gorkhaland as long as its a state within the Union of India, however they have informed not much information is available on the Gorkhaland demand, hence I decided to contribute my bit by writing the article.

    The people of India are also are aware and acknowledge that the Gorkhas are patriotic and the best to defend against a Islamic aggression from West Bengal or Bangladesh, we cannot & should not doubt the Gorkhas!

    I share the same sentiments that you have about Gorkhaland, I feel our Eastern Regions are pretty messed up and West Bengal seem to be an entity that’s larger than life! At the cost of Partition of Bengal, The North East Region has been ignored for years by successive Governments in New Delhi, many pending issues remain to be sorted and they must be sorted at the earliest!

    Many thanks once again for sharing your views.




  2. Hi All!
    I am not an expert in Politics at all. Still, I wish to say somethng. These are random points provoked or compelled bythis post.
    1). From the map it is eviident that there may be some questions about the state or status of Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar. I am not saying that that is a deterrent, but I am saying that they will point this as a deterrent. These two districts can merge with Assam, or not merge with Assam and be their own state (Kamtapur as you say), or they can merge with Gorkhaland (if the Gorkhas want). Probably the last one is ideal? Gorkhaland will take care of Kamtapur?
    2). ‘Gorkhaland creation as “partition of Bengal” ‘ – Bengalis are naive? Bengalis are not only naive, but they are also vain, if they say so.
    3). AITC is known for violent tactics if what I am told is correct.
    4). ‘The Bengalis don’t understand the reasons behind Gorkhaland. It’s not about understanding, its about caring two hoots. This is somewhat similar to Chinese occupation of Tibet. Bengalis live in a cocoon of their own in some respsects, and that will be elaborated a little further down.
    5). Gorkhaland will join Nepal? Ha ha. Bengalis are, as someone said, cowards and buzdil. This apprehension that the Gorkhas will join Nepal reflects that characteristic, or that mindset … of the Bengalis. Pseudo, lazy.
    6). An average Indian has consideration, or more appropriately, acknowledgement for the Gorkhas sacrifices, acts of valour etc.
    7). I just have a strong feeling that once Gorkhaland is made it can actually take a lead in teaching the rest of Indians to live honourably in all spheres of life, including civilian life (just something that just popped up in my head) – it will sparkle, it will be cosmopolitan, easy going, peaceful, happy happy outlook people state (I just got a very strong feeling!
    8). Suggestion to the people of Gorkhaland: You should take a lead straightaway without waiting for the formal formation of your state to drive out the illegal immigrants from outside of the country and thereby prevent the demographic changes taking place and the cultural degradation taking place which is disastrous already and needs to be “undone”.
    9). Actually , there is another thought or idea or ideology that pops up here – creating more and more states actually weakens the country. But this thought or ideology is overshadowed and suppressed by the ground reality – that the Gorkhas are being marginalised or ignored.
    So there it is – my little take based on this article. I greet the people of Gorkhaland and I hope for a peaceful world as a larger vision. 🙂 I hope that all the fine people stay in the world and all the selfish, criminal, egoistic dunderheads vanish or become marginalised completely somehow. Yeh kaise hogaa? How will this happen? I don’t know. 🙂 Bye.

    Liked by 1 person

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