Syrian “Refugees” & Migration to Western Europe

How can you forget the Crusades??? Were they fought over nothing??? Oh I see, you simply just don’t care! Seriously, I mean who cares??


This note was originally written on September 2015 when the Syrian Refugee crisis was in its peak; it was then posted on my Facebook page and removed as per Facebook “guidelines” and I lost access to my account for over a week!

Despite writing to Facebook requesting reason for the deletion, I received no response!

Thank fully I managed to not throw the rough paper transcripts I had written but the original flavor is unfortunately lost! Blame it on writer’s block, I’m unable to re-write the exact article, However here are some of the “extracts” of the original article.

What I can’t believe is the double standards that I have to go through! Talk about Freedom of Expression or talk about Sharia on the World Wide Web! We live in strange times!

While Muslims have openly been posting hate messages, lewd photographs, ISIS and Hamas glorifying messages, threats, views of a bearded logic all to intimidate Non Muslims, they simply get away with it! No deletion, no blocks just keep posting and sharing!

I am deeply saddened and upset with the “Sharia Compliant” policy of Facebook that allows Muslim hackers or those having objections about what I write and feel  to get into my account, make my account inaccessible for days or sometimes weeks to me and then remove the articles I write!

Sadly, I don’t hope much from Facebook or its “managers”, some day I will wake up erased from Facebook, if not this world! Till then let me keep writing….

Syria Death

The Syrian ( and other ) refugees!

Migration and Immigrants are back in global headlines, thanks to the destabilization and conflicts across the Middle East initiated by the local Islamist gangs in conflict with local Governments, United States and its allies.

Particularly catchy are the headlines and accompanied frenzy news reports about Syrian refugees trying to make it from the borders of Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Italy to the Western European Union or the Euro zone Countries.

While it’s a different topic to debate that how much the European countries abhor and have a distaste for the Syrian refugees or immigrants in general or those fleeing conflict from forcing into their countries by complaining that the immigrants are bringing in disease, poverty, conflict, radical Islam and other social evils right on their “progressive” door step!

Europe now faces a very awkward moment in its History ( perhaps the last time it witnessed immigrations in such a  scale  was during World War II ) of playing the reluctant host to immigrant’s that it really doesn’t want, refugees from Syria & other conflict inflicted areas.

Since Iraq has now become too repetitive and monotonous to talk and debate, Syria (and partially Libya and Yemen) is the new focus of interest. The Western interference began in Syria during the course of Syrian Civil War ( I have covered the Syrian Civil War on a separate note, unfortunately that note written in June 2015 is no longer available as it was also deleted and removed per Facebook “guidelines”  ), the Western countries in particular the United States wants Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad out the same way as they wanted Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi  of Libya, what happened and is continuing to happen  to Iraq, Yemen and Libya’s is dreadful and is best left not discussed as of now.

Syria Kill

What remains to be answered are that are these group of thousands soon to be millions Syrian refuges really fleeing conflict due to The Syrian Civil War areas from ISIL( Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or ISIS,NATO or Syrian Government under President Bashar al-Assad’s or there is more to it that we don’t know or are not being told?

The reason I mention the above is cos the Syrian Refugees state that along with them are also traveling Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Ethiopians and Sudanese.

So why are so many fleeing Syria?

The unrest in Syria began in the early spring of 2011 within the context of Arab Spring protests, with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, whose forces responded with violent crackdowns. The conflict gradually morphed from prominent protests to an armed rebellion after months of military sieges.

As rival Muslim factions battle over Syria, life has hit rock bottom for the common people of Syria.

Human geography has been transformed in just four years, the report warns. Syria’s population has been hollowed out by 15%; more than half of Syrians have been displaced from their homes by violence. More than 3.3 million have fled Syria as refugees, with an additional 1.5 million migrating to find work and safer terrain in other countries.

The violence in Syria has caused millions to flee their homes. As of March 2015, Al-Jeers estimates 10.9 million Syrians, or almost half the population, have been displaced.3.8 million have been made refugees.

As of 2013, 1 in 3 of Syrian refugees (about 667,000 people) sought safety in tiny Lebanon (normally 4.8 million populations).

Middle East

Others have fled to Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq. Turkey has accepted +1.000.000 (2014) Syrian refugees, half of whom are spread around cities and dozen camps placed under the direct authority of the Turkish Government. Satellite images confirmed that the first Syrian camps appeared in Turkey in July 2011, shortly after the towns of Deraa, Homs, and Hama were besieged in September 2014, the UN stated that the number of Syrian refugees had exceeded 3 million.

However, now the Syrian refugees are not confined to the camps in Turkey but now want to move further west crossing the Mediterranean and the Balkans to finally arrive in the lands they desire – Western European Union Countries.

Currently as I write this many have completed their first leg of the trip which is crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey or Libya and arrive in Italy or Greece and now they start the second leg of the trip which is to cross the Balkan countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Hungary and arrive on the doorstep of countries like Austria,Czech Republic and Germany!

When the Syrians are questioned where they are headed to they inform that they would like to “settle down” in Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands or Germany, on being asked why only these particular counties and why not stay put in the Balkans or Turkey, the Syrians atrociously inform that they want to go to richer European Countries that are a part of the European Union, have Euro as the currency and are a part of the Schengen Area Visa travel agreement!

(The Schengen Area is the area comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders, also referred to as internal borders.)

After hearing the above I can vouch that the look on the face of politicians in Western European countries must be priceless!

Syrian Stats

When the Syrian Refugees are probed further that why they did not attempt to move to their South or East ( Better placed and well off Muslim countries like the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain or Iran ),the refugees informed that the “road” is too full of risks and besides they would not be welcomed in those countries even though they are run by their Muslim brethren, it seems  the fault lines of History that shaped the Middle East run deep soaked in apathy and prejudice!

The Syrian Refugees also add that since Westerners are responsible for the terrible things that have happened to their country, it is up to the Western Countries to help them!

Of all the countries where the Syrian Refugees have imposed themselves on, Serbia is the most interesting case, Serbia inherited the legacy of Yugoslavia and faced brutal Western intervention in what is known as The Yugoslav Wars that lasted 10 long years from 31 March 1991 – 12 November 2001 and ended with the complete breakup of Yugoslavia and destruction of a multicultural state in the Balkans.

After 2001, Yugoslavia became Serbia a shadow of itself and suffered further breakdowns with continued Civil Wars between Muslims & Christians, to this day tensions remain high especially when it comes to Kosovo & Albania.

Though suffering so much through its wars and occupation by the Ottoman Turks of their country in the past, Serbians have been the most generous and open to the Syrian Refugees with some even inviting the refugees for dinner in their homes!

Yet will the Syrian refugees thank Serbia remains to be seen.


The Pakistan Civil War of 1971 and the Refugee Crisis from East Pakistan

Recollecting the Refuge Crisis closer home in India, we must never forget the Muslim Refugee crisis that India was dragged into due to the conflicts between Muslim majority East and West Pakistan that finally escalated to Pakistan’s crafty invasion on India and the Pakistan – India War of 1971.

The Pakistan Civil War and India – Pakistan War ended with the partition of Pakistan, then separation of East Pakistan and creation of new Islamic country of Bangladesh.

However, even after Bangladesh was established the refugees from Pakistan’s War refused to leave India and already populated India inherited the Muslim Refugee Crisis.

India to this day battles the menace of East Pakistan Refugees now known as Bangladeshis and heavens forbid if India will sooner go through another refugee crisis either from Pakistan or Bangladesh collapses due to Civil War or is invaded by an External Force!

What the Bangladeshi refugees / immigrants have been doing in India esp North East India is no secret to anyone!

I hope Serbia & its people are wiser and do not end up with the errors that India ended up making after the 1971 War allowing the Bangladeshis to stay put where they are & not go back.

What the Western countries do not realize is that countries cannot be “reformed” or “democratized” the way they want them to be, last of all being Muslim majority countries. What is equally atrocious (besides the fact that Western countries continue to pamper and support Pakistan, which is the factory of global terrorism and frauds) is that while Iran is being talked into making peace, preparations of war are on with Syria!

Sadly our local “mainstream” media that are deep down busy with reports and debates of Radhe Maa or Sheena Bora don’t really have time to highlight the issue of Syrian Refugees!

Guess it’s now left to us..


Additional Information :

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Name ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY that will generously accommodate so many NON-MUSLIMS and allow them to remain practicing their religion and not convert to Islam, obey Sharia and pay Jizya!

Need I say more?



2 thoughts on “Syrian “Refugees” & Migration to Western Europe

  1. Through out History Muslims have always been on the “offensive” and that’s how they have managed to spread across countries and continents, it is unfortunate that we Non Muslims have been “defensive” yet we refuse to learn from our past!

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    George Santayana


  2. Important to note, that Muslim armies, conquered Christian Palestine, Egypt and Iraq before there was even a crusade. Likewise with Islamic inversion into Europe in the battle of tours. The Muslims are attacking as they always have, in an offensive, rather than defensive way, and this must be acknowledged.

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