Pray for Paris?

The “peaceful religion” strikes again and again and again and again and again…..

Kameng make sure you “Pray for Paris” the way you prayed for Madrid, Mumbai, Chicago, Nairobi, Sydney and so on…

Pray? Sounds easy but it’s not and I’m done praying and hearing the stupidity around me about views and opinions like “Terrorism and Terrorists have no religion”,” Finding a Syrian passport was just a coincidence or it was planted by the French police”,” We also witnessed pretty terrible attacks in Beirut, Karachi, Baghdad, Tripoli etc etc”!

What I’m trying to get at is that –

As Islamists strike city after city across countries & continents, all I do is pray?? That’s lame! It’s like being the humble mute slaughter animal!

And how much ever and times I pray it makes no dime worth difference to a Jihadi’s as they plan their next strike!

I remember quite clearly two decades ago when attacks from Islamists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and home based were frequent and thousands died terrible if not pathetic cheap deaths, the Western countries then mocked us saying it’s an internal issue of South Asia which needs to be sorted through “dialogue based process” between India & Pakistan!

Oh come on! Talk to a banana theocratic state that cannot even manufacture sewing machine needles but happens to be the global hub / warehouse of terrorism!

In fact till recently we also had a Government in New Delhi that suffered terribly from the “Cinderella Syndrome” and instead of going after the terrorists & striking them hard continued talks with a third rate country like Pakistan hoping that it would “assist” to halt terror attack citing retard terms like “Secularism”,” Negotiation” & “Tolerance”!

We in India have been suffering Islamic Terrorism since 1947, millions of Non-Muslims died in the communal partition of 1947 that was sponsored by British, Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent and Secular Congress!

Now that Islamic Terrorism is a global issue with the rise of groups like Boko Haram,Lashkar E Taiba,ISIS,Al Qaida,Taiban etc flush with funding from Pakistan & Arab Sheikhs, we in India are now being acknowledged of being right throughout!

Too bad nobody really wanted to hear what according to them was the warning gong from a “Third World Country”!

Islamic Terrorism will not heed dialogue but needs to be dealt with an Iron Fist, no negotiations with terrorists, strike them hard!

Can we STOP #PrayforParis & #StartthinkingafterParis ?


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Written on the morning of November 14 2015, as I heard the terrible news…And for God’s sake, STOP PRAYING and be on guard!



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