Malda Riots of 2016

Bangladeshi illegal immigrants have spread across India like plague! Their aim is to transform India into the largest slum in the world and also a Jihadi den! This is not a “myth” but part of a greater plan! Why did the Indian Media ignore the Malda riots?


The New Year in India begins rather disturbing if not tragic with Pathankot Terror Attack and Malda Riots all thanks to a peaceful community that claims it believes in brotherhood and co-existence, but acts otherwise!

The bizarre silence on Malda Riots from otherwise vocal mainstream media is astonishing if not expected, but as promised, Here’s my take on ( ongoing and progressing ) Malda Riots

Malda – Some good to know info (that you probably never knew)

Located in India’s Eastern State of West Bengal, the district borders Bangladesh to its East. Malda is one of the least educated and crime infested districts of West Bengal.

According to the National Investigation Agency Malda is believed to be a hub of a Fake Indian Currency Note aka FICN Racket. Also smuggling of Indian coins into Bangladesh for making blades (I covered that in a separate article).

It is reported that 90 per cent of the fake currency that enters India from Pakistan via Bangladesh comes in from Malda which borders the neighboring country.

Interesting, So, when are you planning your trip to Malda for first hand witness?


Now some History ( my favorite!!!! )

Malda and Communal Partition of India’s Bengal Province in 1947

Malda as a separate district came into existence in 1813 with 8 thanas only at its initial stage.

This District was under the jurisdiction of Bhagalpur Division.In 1859 a full time Magistrate and Collector was appointed for Malda.

In 1912 Malda was detached from Bhagalpur Division and was connected to Rajshahi Division and continued to remain with that division till the 15th August 1947, the Independence day of India.

It is very striking and at the same time very surprising to the present generation that this Malda was under the control of Pakistan, aka East Pakistan now Bangladesh for two days, 14th and 15th August 1947.This significant episode aka deliberate blunder or silly map making and implementation  error occupies an important episode in the History of India.

According to the final judgment of Boundary commission the Bengal Province became split into two parts. The Western part remained with India with the formation of a new state named West Bengal. The remaining East Bengal was known as East Pakistan.

The partition of Bengal which was a major curse of our Independence caused ambiguity in case of Malda District. At that time all the citizens of Malda had fallen in a confusion whether this district would go to India or Pakistan (much like Lahore of Pakistan that had a very large Non-Muslim population and Buddhist majority Chittagong, both these areas strangely ended up with Pakistan than India), as a result of which, Malda District faced an unbelievable unrest (read rioting and communal violence) for seven days i.e. from 12 to 18 August 1947.

This was due to the fact that verdict regarding the partition of Bengal was not clearly declared in due time by Cyril Radcliffe Roadad , the chief of the Boundary Commission appointed by the British Government. Some say the British deliberately messed up as they were really keen on a quick exit from India.

So from 12th August’47, the day of announcement regarding the independence of India by the British Government, all the people of Malda both Hindu and Muslim were in a state of excitement.

In these circumstances the positive points in favor of Muslims were so confirmed that falling under pressure the then District Magistrate of Malda Mr.Gayan  Sing Kahalan fell bound to hand over the charge of Malda Treasury to Mr.Abdul Karim Chowdhury,the Sub-Deputy of Malda on 14th August ’47.

Immediately on that day Mr.Karim hoisted the Pakistani National Flag on the mast of Malda collectorate after proclaiming that Malda is now under the Pakistani Dominion. The Muslims were jubilant.

Yet the Non-Muslims, particularly Hindus waited for the final declaration of Mr.Roadad. So, practically on and from 14th to 17th August’47 our Malda District was under the jurisdiction of Pakistan Government.


Then at the night of 17th August ’47 when the details of the award of Cyril Radcliffe Roadad were announced on the radio it was found that the District of Malda would remain in India.

And thus it was seen that to carry out the order of Government Sri Mangal  Acharya ,the ADM Of Pubna District came here to Malda on 18th  August’47 morning and on that day after bringing down the Pakistani Flag from the mast of Malda Collectorate building, hoisted National Flag of Independent India.

In these circumstances as a token of getting Independence on 18th August’47, a few citizens of Malda still celebrate the Independence day on 18th August in every year and hoist the National Flag here on both 15th & 18th August.

You know something, I may be wrong but I strongly feel that the communal partition of India that was initiated by Muslims of the Sub Continent under Muslim League and Jinnah (facilitated by the Congress Party and British Imperialists) is unfinished in our East as it is in the West, all thanks to the Great Indian PM Nehru and his Kashmir issue. The population “exchange” or exodus as happened in India’s Western Punjab Region never really happened in Bengal.

Initially people left to where they felt safe, Non-Muslims fled to West Bengal from East Pakistan and Muslims fled the other way. However gradually thanks to Mahatma Gandhi + Nehru + Congress Secular Policy of “Unity in Diversity” Muslims were assured full citizen rights & privileges in West Bengal even though on the other hand Non-Muslims were being tortured and forced to flee leaving behind their lands and other assets in East Bengal.

The exodus of Non-Muslims from East Pakistan aka Bangladesh to India continues to this day ( along with Bangladeshi Muslims ).The Immigration (read Infiltration) of Bangladeshi Muslims has caused huge unrest across India’s East as they are pampered by certain political parties and their population continues to grow and spread rapidly across the country.


Demography of Malda

Malda like much of our very own Lower Assam is a Muslim Majority District, thanks to policies successive pseudo socialist and secular governments that have ruled West Bengal ( and New Delhi ) leaving our borders with Bangladesh ( East Pakistan ) loosely fenced and unguarded.

Illegal Infiltration from Bangladesh is very much a grave issue here as it is in all the eight North Eastern States, however strangely not many especially in urban areas like Kolkata are really bothered about the rapid rise of Muslim population is districts across West Bengal esp the ones bordering Bangladesh.

Northern part of the district has dominantly Hindu 53% population; Muslims are 46%. Tribesman and Christian people also live here.

Southern Malda is dominated by 59% Muslim population. Sujapur Idgah is one of the largest in India. Hindus are 40% in this part.

Over all Malda district (North Malda & South Malda together) Muslims are 52%, Hindus are 47%, Others are 1%.

And now back to “Communal” Politics


Background on Malda Riots – What lead to the riots?

I won’t be surprised if you are surprised to learn the “chronology” of the riots

Here it is, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) dating back to 1861, and not amended till date, makes homosexual sex punishable by law and carries a life sentence.

In 2009, a court found the law unconstitutional, effectively invalidating the ban. Four years later, on 11 December 2013, the Supreme Court reversed the lower court’s decision, restoring the statute while leaving it to the Lok Sabha to amend the law.

Since re-criminalization, several politicians, including former External Affairs Minister Shashi Tharoor, opined in favor of legal decriminalization and Bharatiya Janata Party Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Jaitley opinionated to reconsider judgment on homosexuality by Supreme Court on 28 November 2015 at Times Literature Festival in Mumbai.

On 2 December Azam Khan of the Samajwadi Party and a member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, known to be dumb enough to pass irresponsible communal and many a times double meaning comments responded to Jaitley’s speech by saying that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh members are homosexuals as they do not get married.

One day later, Kamlesh Tiwari claining to be from Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha retaliated by declaring Muhammad, the final prophet in Islam, the world’s first homosexual.

Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha declared that Tiwari is not associated with their party as suggested by some media reports. Later an “unidentified” ( details not disclosed by the media ) Islamic “religious leader” declared an award of Rs. 51 lakhs to whoever beheads Kamlesh Tiwari.


Idara-e-Shariya and Anjuman Ahle Sunnatul Jamat, Muslim organizations had held a protest rally in Kaliachak on 3 January 2016 demanding hanging of Tiwari which was attended by 30,000 to 2.5 lakh Muslims.

The protest rally turned violent and vandalized Kaliachak Police station, block development office and public property. Several private and government vehicles including Border Security Force (BSF) vehicles were torched. A NBSTC bus was also torched on National Highway 34 leaving several vehicles stranded on the highway. Over 30 people including police officers were injured.

The train service was disturbed as protesters blocked railway tracks at Khaltipur railway station. When police stopped protesters, the riot broke out.

Forums, BLOG’s and  Social media reported the Malda incident as Malda Riots stating that Hindu temples were attacked and around 25 houses and shops owned by Hindus were vandalized and Hindu women molested if not sexually assaulted, but “mainstream” media reports indicate all this as hogwash and as per reports via West Bengal Government, No casualties or injuries of Hindu minorities were reported.

Other side of the story is that, Malda, being a place near India Bangladesh border, has become a depot of many anti-social activities. Crimes like keeping illegal arms, cultivation of poppy, dealing of FICN ( Fake Indian Currency Note, a trade facilitated by Pakistan based ISI, Islamist Groups based in Bangladesh and India ) , Illegal Drug Trafficking, Fake National Documents like Stamp Paper, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Ration Card etc etc are rapidly growing in this region.


The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is on the fake currency trail, has already prepared a dossier of key henchmen in the trade. Aligned to the local mafiosi, who control the illegal white poppy opium trade in this border district, the criminals are also intertwined with nefarious anti-national activities.

From dabbling with manufacturing of arms to facilitating illegal migration, these hardened criminals were aware that their movements are being tracked and records maintained at the strong-room of Kaliachak police station.

While allegations of minority appeasement politics fly thick, with the Opposition — BJP, Congress and Left — accusing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of nurturing Bengal’s minority vote bank at the cost of the interests of the majority community, a ground probe reveals that there is much more to the rampage than what meets the eye.

“The protest rally was just one side of the story. It is amply clear that what happened in Malda was a part of a larger well planned conspiracy. The intention was to storm the police station, knowing very well that the government would have a soft approach, create panic in the area by triggering a fear psychosis, with the sole objective of destroying all evidence against those under watch. The hand of cross border jihadists elements cannot be ruled out.

On one hand, terrorizing Hindus would serve the purpose of giving the incident a communal twist to suit political interests in the run up to the Bengal elections, on the other hand, destroying records was a means of giving a free run to the criminals. Incidentally, it is through them that opium trade money is channelized for party funds as well,” quips a senior officer in the government.

While the probe is on to track down faces behind this conspiracy, the Ministry of Home Affairs has sought a detailed report from West Bengal government. Sources say that the role of Pakistan spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), hasn’t been ruled out either.

Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal government, which willfully chose to turn a blind eye to the Sunday mayhem, is now busy wiping off any tell-tale signs of the carnage.

The charred Kaliachak police station is being given a fresh coat of blue and white paint, the burnt and mangled cars and trucks are being transported to Golapganj Investigation Centre about 12 km away to send out a message that all is well.

Mamata Banerjee maintains there is peace in Bengal and no communal tension. Hopefully, the fragile peace cannot be broken by vested anti-national elements.

Well some say that taking the scope of religious outrage local goons who had criminal cases against them for a variety of offences attacked the police station to destroy the evidences against them.

As of the latest update, the riots have now spread to another Muslim dominated area and it’s Purnea in Eastern Bihar!

For more elaborate information please refer to the news stories / info I have shared below this post.


Finally, A few questions’ that beg urgent answers

Why did the Muslims take a month to riot after the comment exchange between Azam Khan and Kamlesh Tiwari?

Why do all “peaceful” protests by Muslims gradually mature to riots, Muzzafarnagar, Azamgarh,Seelampur, Malegaon,Azad Maidan of Mumbai and many more?

Were the Muslims mobilizing themselves or waiting for proper instructions from third parties / external and internal enemies of India?

Were the riots used as a ploy by the Muslims to divert attention from Pathankot Terrorist Attack that involves Pakistan?

Were the riots a background plan of Muslims / Islamist Organizations to mobilize Muslims and consolidate the Anti-BJP / Anti-Hindu /Anti-National vote bank since Momota Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress maintains close ties with Jaamat?

Also an attached question, You remember the Sharada Scam? What’s up with the Sharada Scam probe anyway, that involves many leaders from Trinamool Congress  and has threads in Bangladesh?

And finally, the one question that everyone including the office assistant I met at Agra Cantt Station is asking

“Kameng Ji, Why is there dead silence about the Malda Riots?”

The silence from the “Intolerance Brigade” that comprises of Gang of Bollywood Khan’s + The Award Wapsi Clowns + “Secular and Tolerant” Social Groups and NGOs+Page 3 Personalities + Outspoken Politicians and their thugs who usually make a noise in Parliament while stalling important bills, people like Azam Khan, Ahmad Patel, Owaisi Brigade and their sympathizers like Barkha Dutt,Rajdeep Sardesai,Saba Naqvi and the Odd-Even man Mr.Kejriwal?

Seriously, Why the silence? Do Non-Muslim lives not matter? If so much for Dadri why not Malda?

Can anyone please answer?


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